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Hello! My name is Bailey Powell Aldrich and I live in New York City with my husband, Rick. I originally hail from the great state of Texas and go back often. This geographic juxtaposition means my disposition is warm, but NYC has instilled in me some good, old fashioned assertiveness.

Most of my life has been spent trying to make sense of, cater to, or mask my depression and anxiety, and it is exhausting. Often I’ve felt misunderstood, helpless, and so, so alone. Cooking and baking became a prolific catharsis for me, and when my food received rave reviews from both meat eaters and vegans I decided to share recipes and pictures on a blog in my spare time.

Something about having a “food blog” didn’t feel authentically me or complete. It finally dawned on me that, of course, healthful eating is closely tied to mental health quality, and boy have I learned a lot about the latter. So, Bummed Out Baker was born, a safe haven where you’ll find delicious vegetarian recipes and musings on mental health.

Ultimately, I’m here to provide culinary inspiration, community, and laughter to those suffering from mental illness or those in close proximity to someone suffering from mental illness. Think of it as plant-based fare with a heaping side of mental health advocacy. Come for the recipes, stay for the crippling depression!

What else, what else. I love black clothes and my two jolly golden retrievers, which means I spend a lot of time with a lint-roller. When I’m not working on my MFA in Nonfiction Writing at The New School, I’m concocting in the kitchen, flopping around a yoga mat, buying secondhand anything for the sake of the environment, pulling myself out of a ditch of despair, sleeping unusually long hours, technologically trundling around Bummed Out Baker, or trying to con my favorite carnivore, Rick, into eating something healthy. Some things I excel in include, but are not limited to, self-deprecation, making red velvet cake, doling out practical advice, and alarming people by smiling at them on the street. I deeply value inclusion, word impeccability, and kindness.

I hope you like what you find here.


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